Atomic Habits book by James Clear is one of the best habits books I’ve ever read. The book is packed with tons of useful tips on how to stick to your good habits and get rid of your bad ones.

One of the useful tips James Clear mentions in his book is to use a habit tracker in order to measure your progress over time.

Elite performers will often measure, quantify, and track their progress in various ways. Each little measurement provides feedback. It offers a signal of whether they are making progress or need to change course.

– James Clear

Using a habit tracker can be a great motivation for you to stick to your habits. You can either use a piece of paper, a journal, or a habit tracker app.

In this article, I will review one of the best habit tracker apps on the App Store: Systemize.

Systemize: Atomic Habits Habit Tracker

Systemize is a habit tracker app that will help you stick to your habits. The app was inspired by James Clear’s best-selling book, Atomic Habits which encourages readers to build identity-based habits instead of outcome-based habits.

Why Not Just A Task Manager?

The idea behind Systemize is to align your new identity with your habits. Your goal shouldn’t be to read 30 books, your goal is to become a person who enjoys reading. Your goal is not to write a book, your goal is to become a writer.

And to do that, you need a system.

Why a system?

Because if successful people and unsuccessful people have the same goals, then the success factor can’t be the goal itself because everyone has goals. The success factor is the system that comes with that goal.

You can’t “want” to have 6-pack abs and sit all day watching TV. In this case, you and successful athletes have the same goal: To build 6-pack abs. However, they have a system to achieve that goal and you don’t.

Systemize will help you build a system to achieve your goals.

Systemize Features

The Best Habit Tracking App: Systemize

Systemize will make working on your habits stupidly easy. Whether you want to build 6-pack abs, read books, or become a straight-A student, working on your habits consistently will help you stick to them.

Systemize is currently available for iOS & Android and soon will be available on Mac, Web, and Apple Watch.

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