atomic habits habit tracker

Best Atomic Habits Habit Tracker App

Atomic Habits book by James Clear is one of the best habits books I’ve ever read. The book is packed with tons of useful tips on how to stick to your good habits and get rid of your bad ones. One of the useful tips James Clear mentions in his...

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identity-based habits

Identity-Based Habits: How Your Habits Shape Your Identity (Examples)

Identity-based habits are one of the most effective techniques to build lasting habits. This concept became famous when it was introduced in James Clear’s best-selling book, Atomic Habits, and it quickly became one of the most searched terms by people who struggle to stick to their habits. The idea behind...

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stressed person

7 Brain-Damaging Habits To Quit Right Now

We all have bad habits that we struggle to break. However, brain-damaging habits are on another level. In the long-term, these brain-damaging habits will make you stuck in a body of 20 or 30 years old with a brain of 70 or 80 years old. Learning new skills won’t be...

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20 Habits That Will Change Your Life

While it’s possible to improve yourself and change your life at any time, some habits are better started today than tomorrow. And what time is better than your twenties? I call this age the “Golden Age” because it’s the time where you have fewer responsibilities, you can try a lot...

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morning coffee

8 Habits Successful People Use To Jump-Start Their Mornings

Morning routines are the best way to jump-start your day. Especially when you start it with excitement and optimism that this day will be a new adventure to reach your goals. As they say, “Life begins each morning”. The thing is … successful people give too much importance to their...

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taking notes

20 Life-Changing Lessons From Atomic Habits Book

You probably know by now how much I love Atomic Habits book by James Clear. The book is one of the best habits books in the market right now. I remember when I first heard about Atomic Habits from a YouTube video about productivity and goal setting. I decided to...

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The Ultimate Guide to Build Lasting Habits (10 Easy Steps)

Building lasting habits can change your life in the long term. Yes, sticking to your habits can be challenging sometimes. Especially when you feel demotivated to even get up from your bed. But with the right system, you can make these habits a part of your life. A process that...

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